A COROS Brand Ambassador is not just a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer, a triathlete, a skier, a mountain climber, a fitness enthusiast, or an athlete. A Brand Ambassador is everything that COROS is: empowering, innovative, inspiring, passionate and unique. You are influential in your local or regional sport community, able to call your club or team family, not just participate but compete in races, but most importantly possess a deep passion for your sport.

As a Brand Ambassador you will be considered part of the COROS team. We will provide you with "swag" (i.e. COROS branded clothing, accessories) and of course, COROS product to use and share. In return, you will spread your love of our brand with genuine enthusiasm to everyone you know.

So, what does being a Brand Ambassador for COROS entail? Well…firstly, have fun!

Positive representation: When using COROS products and talking about our brand, you are representing the COROS family. We ask that you act accordingly and represent us in the best possible light.
Take us on your adventures: Record your experiences on the road, trails, mountains, in the water or wherever you might be. When you're wearing/using COROS products, we want to hear about it. Snap pics, record video and generate quality and authentic content about COROS.
Share and engage: Share your adventures on a regular basis across social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, your blog, etc. and tag COROS (@CorosGlobal). Engage with COROS on social media by liking and commenting on our content.
Become an advocate: Be an active advocate for the COROS brand on online forums. Offline, you will represent COROS in face-to-face contact with other athletes at races, events, group adventures, etc. We know how jealous all your friends will be of your COROS products, so we'll give you discount cards to share with them.
Provide feedback: We'll be looking to our Brand Ambassadors to give us product feedback – good and bad! Ambassadors will be required to fill out surveys/questionnaires about product features, hardware, software, etc.

All that being said, here is a quick recap of the benefits of being a COROS Brand Ambassador:

Free Gear: Brand Ambassadors will get COROS swag (i.e. COROS branded clothing and accessories) and COROS product relevant to your sport.
A Voice: We'll be looking to our Brand Ambassadors to give us product feedback, generate and share quality, authentic content on social media, and advocate for COROS online and off.
Discount Code: We'll give you discount cards and a unique discount code to share with your friends, family, online community and running/cycling club.

If this all sounds great to you and you'd like to apply for the chance to be a COROS Brand Ambassador, please fill out the application below.