Running Form Test

Watches are limited to what they can measure from the wrist and miss out on critical details regarding your Running Form. Gait testing in a lab can be helpful to improve your running, but it can be expensive and cumbersome to complete.

Using the COROS POD or POD 2, learn in-depth details about your Running Form. See whether you are a Ground or Aerial Runner, assess your foot strike angle, and understand your running mechanics strengths and areas for improvement.

While wearing the POD or POD 2 on your waist, on your watch scroll to Fitness Tests in the Activity Start menu. Then select "Running Form Test". After taking a quick 10-minute test you'll receive a detailed analysis of your Running Form on your watch, and within your activity summary on the COROS app. Click "Assessment Details" to view a full breakdown.

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Daily Stress

Tracking training stress and acknowledging sleep's impact on performance is only part of the picture when it comes to improving your performance.

Using real-time heart rate and heart rate variability as primary data inputs, wearing your watch during the day will provide you with real-time stress analysis. While your training sessions may be the most physical stress you experience during the day, things like meetings, relationships, or even sitting in traffic can impact your overall stress levels. By measuring your Daily Stress, you can see the full picture to make informed decisions on when to train, when to rest, and more.

Update your watch to the latest firmware and automatically measure your Daily Stress. You can view Daily Stress levels directly on your watch by scrolling up from your main watch face to find the Daily Stress widget, or view in the COROS app on the Progress (home) page.

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Wellness Check

At times, you may want to assess your health while traveling, at high altitudes, during intense training, or when feeling unwell. However, measuring multiple health data points together can be difficult.

Wellness Check is a one-step test to measure multiple health-related indicators including resting heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, and more. Use the Wellness Check feature every morning to see how these data points change over time, or use it on-demand when you need to gain further health insights.

To use the Wellness Check feature, hold the back button to access your Toolbox, scroll to find Wellness Check. Follow on-watch instructions to record a 30-second test and view results both on the watch, and in the COROS app. On the app, view your Wellness Check test from today, or click history in the upper-right-hand corner to see how your test results vary over time.

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Additional Information

  • HRV Index is upgraded to the Wellness Check feature. To retrieve previous HRV Index scores from the past, contact to export the data.
  • Daily Stress will decrease the expected battery life on your watch. To disable this feature, hold the back button to access your Toolbox -> System -> More Settings -> Stress.
  • View our February 2024 Feature Update Support Content.

App Store Release (iOS/Android)

  • February 1-3
  • Not available for APEX 42mm/46mm, PACE 1, and KIPRUN 500.
  • Manual update is only available in the iOS App Store.

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